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Tips for Hair & Makeup

Rani, one of the most popular hair and makeup artists working in the field of bridal hair and makeup in Sydney spells out some beauty tips for you to take care of your skin.

Tips of the Week: Flawless Base

Remove all traces of eye and lip make up with a good cleanser to start.

PRIME (not essential, but it can extend the wear of make up)

T-Zone Mattifier: Apply to T-Zone to assist in the reduction of shine on hot or long days. Great for oily complexions. Perfect for the hot climates, sticky days and long events.

Priming skin is not essential if you have recently cleansed and moisturised. If your skin is free of make up, but a bit oily or dry, use a make up remover wipe to refresh skin and a apply a small amount of a light moisturiser before any other make up.


Foundation is a product designed to be used as a make up base, which helps to even out skin. A thick application all over the face in most cases is unnecessary. Just apply to the chin, nose and any uneven areas of your complexion. Heavy foundation on the forehead is generally not needed, but sometimes a light layer to even things out can be good.

Foundation Base:

Apply the foundation in the direction of the hairs on the face, to flatten them, rather than fluff them out, using a Foundation Brush to apply your Liquid Foundation, Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation Stick for an even, quick and seamless base.

The purpose of foundation is to even out skin tone and to minimise minor skin imperfections. Foundation is also pretty much essential if you want to wear eye shadow, as it allows for seamless blending.

  • Foundation Stick: Super convenient with buildable coverage, can be applied just to those areas that need coverage or over the whole face. Can also double as a concealer (see notes regarding concealer). Good for professionals. Either apply directly onto the face or use a foundation brush to swoosh over the top of the stick then apply that to the face. This gives more natural, sheer coverage.
  • Liquid Foundation: Medium coverage product, and often has a light moisturising effect which is good for dry or mature skin. Apply the correct shade starting at the forehead, using fingers or a foundation brush, applying in the direction of the hairs in the face. Blend well into the jaw line. Photographs well, even with flash.
  • Tinted Moisturisers with SPF: These are a two in one product with a moisturiser and foundation together, usually incorporating an SPF 15. These are great for everyday use, where a teeny bit of coverage doesn't go astray, and sunscreen is the best anti-aging product available.
  • Problem Skin: Instead of trying to cover the problem, it is a good idea to try to solve the underlying issues of problem skin. It may be hormonal (as with teens or pre/post menopausal women), diet, stress, lifestyle factors or it may be that your skin care range isn't working for you.

Please make sure if you have acne prone skin you keep your tools scrupulously clean, especially your foundation brush, and avoid wearing heavy make up to cover skin. Use a well matched concealer where needed only, and a light base if necessary. You will find that the foundation stick provides excellent coverage and skin-true colour matching.


Use either your fingers or foundation brush. Apply foundation to the nose and mouth area to minimise redness. If you prefer all over coverage, begin at the forehead and blend in the direction of your facial hairs. Make sure that the foundation matches your skin exactly and blend well into the jaw line to avoid a "mask". Only use a little at a time on your brush and add as needed.

Selecting the right foundation colour: Once you have decided on the level of coverage you want, next comes the difficult task of selecting the right shade for you. 90% of women have golden based skin tones and only 10% have beige (or rose) undertones. Unless you are a porcelain beauty, chances are you will need a gold based shade.

Find the 3 closest shades to you skin tone and put a small stripe of each near the jaw line. The one that disappears is your colour.

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